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Research – Advancing the Health and Care of our population

We are immensely proud to be one of only three practices in the East Midlands to have been successfully accredited as a Level 4 Research Site (the highest level) by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).  This enables us to support our patients access to medicines, devices and therapeutic programmes that are not yet available on the NHS. 

What is research and why is it important?

Research is a step by step process that involves collecting and examining information. We do research to improve our knowledge and understanding about the world we live in. It almost always involves finding out something new.

Research helps to improve health and social care, and enables us to support access to medicines, devices and therapeutic programmes that are not yet available on the NHS. Research is for now and for our future generations.

For further information about research, please visit the National Institute for Health and Care Research website, using the link below.

Patients, carers and the public | NIHR

What do we do?

Here at the practice we have a dedicated team of multi-skilled professionals who are passionate about supporting research and who coordinate the day to day recruitment and running of studies that we are selected to work with.

Dr Anuj Chahal – Lead Research GP

Vishal Mashru – Clinical Pharmacist & Clinical Research Lead

Anish Chauhan – Clinical & Research Pharmacist

Beth Dawkins – Clinical Pharmacy & Research Assistant

How is my data used for research?

As part of our continuing commitment to research, the practice is signed up to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink, which supports retrospective and prospective public health and clinical studies by gathering anonymised Primary Care data from a network of GP practices to encompass information representative of the UK health population.

You can find more information about CPRD here:

Public | CPRD

Because you cannot be identified from the data GP practices send to CPRD, GPs do not need to seek individual patient consent when they share data with CPRD.

However, you can opt out of your patient information being shared for research. If you wish to opt out of your health data being shared for research data, please email [email protected] or write to us.

How can you help?

In the last year, more than 900 of our patients have engaged in a research project in some way. This is 300% more than our aspirational total and we want to thank you for your help and dedication to fundamental projects that we believe will help to shape the future.

Often, studies look for people living with a particular condition, or those caring for someone with a long term condition. Sometimes, studies are looking for people who do not have a condition (sometimes known as ‘healthy volunteers’). Often, we find that everyone can make a difference, whatever their circumstances.

How can I take part and what does it involve?

Patients may be asked to participate in a particular study from time to time. If we identify that you are eligible, a text message or letter will be sent to you. It may be a questionnaire that you can choose to complete, or we may be asking for your consent to be contacted on behalf of a study.

All clinical research carried out is thoroughly checked and approved by ethical committees, thus ensuring it is appropriate and safe to perform. We respect our patients’ right to say opt out or withdraw from a study and this will by no means affect the level of care that you receive from us.

Patients are required to complete a consent form before any trials can take place. Nobody from outside this practice will be given your contact details or have access to your medical records without your prior consent.

We aim to ensure that you always receive clear information about what taking part in a particular study would involve. Should you have any questions or queries relating to research, please contact the surgery and your query will be passed on to our dedicated Clinical Research Team.

Where can I find active research studies?

Each of our practice sites has a notice board which highlights the Good Clinical Practice policy, benefits of participating in research and the active studies that are open for recruitment; complete with patient eligibility criteria. Alternatively, you can find out about our current research studies here