Practice Closed for Bank Holiday

Please note: All practice sites will be closed on Monday 26th August 2024 for Bank Holiday and will re-open again on Tuesday 27th August at 8:00am. If you require out of hours medical assistance, please visit NHS 111 online, call NHS 111 or in the event of an emergency, please call 999.

Be Part of Research

By volunteering to take part in research studies, you can help contribute to the knowledge of how we diagnose and treat widespread medical conditions such as Diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We continue to make many important medical advances due to patients participating in research studies and trials.

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The Wellbeing Impact Study of HS2 (WISH2) aims to understand how the High-Speed Rail 2 development (HS2), a large national transport project in England, might affect the mental health and wellbeing of people who live near the railway line
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MyMelanoma is a partnership between people who have been affected by melanoma, clinicians and researchers to form the largest melanoma research study in the world
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The LOCOMOTION Study is evaluating the results of the AAP(a home-based test for the evaluation of autonomic dysfunction) in Long Covid Patients
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The University of Southampton
are interested in hearing your views about a new approach to improving health, care and support anyone with two or more long-term health conditions can volunteer to participate in this study
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The RESET for Remission Study aims to discover whether combining structured exercise and a low calorie diet into one lifestyle intervention can simultaneously reverse diabetes and improve heart health, when compared to usual standard care
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The RADIAL Trial is testing out whether future clinical trials can be successfully run from participants’ homes rather than hospitals or clinics – and the best way to do this
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The Free DM2 Study is to help us understand the use of the FreeStyle Libre 3 glucose sensor to improve glucose levels in people with Type 2 Diabetes
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The UNITY Study – Imperial College London Department of Primary Care & Public Health is conducting a study to understand the perspectives of the general public concerning the attitudes & perceptions of the general public towards PrEP & its provision in the community pharmacy setting
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‘Discover Me’ aims to improve our understanding of many different diseases, and to identify ways to help GP practices improve patient care.
By taking part in ‘Discover Me’, you’ll be able to receive information about your ancestry and some of your health information through a secure online participant portal
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The DETA Trial is looking at the effects of exercise in combination with prescribed medication (called dapagliflozin) on physical health in those with type 2 diabetes and how these treatments compare to a modest diet
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